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More detailed Bug Forms


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I came up with an idea to make your bug reporting more efficient and here is my idea. First have a category for type of bug that correlates with your programming departments, such as "GUI" for your UI programmers. Specifically ask the programming departments what information they specifically want to know in order to fix the bugs from the users on the forms for each department , as well as what is there pet peeves that they commonly see on the bug reports that they get. This survey from the departments will then determine if a modification of the form is necessary for different departments. Then create a form.


There could be drop down menus in which bugs already known could be selected.

This could be updated as necessary as more bugs are discovered.


Another idea I have is to give the user an option to close his/her bug report along with whoever from Bioware normally closes it. This would give additional input to the programmers on how effectively there fix worked. They wouldn't rely solely on this, but it would give them more of an idea of what is happening or isn't happening.

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