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Saterdayevening from 17:00 - 01:00 zero! Warzones/PvP on my server.Great job Bioware.


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Please read my posting about PvP folks. The second i posted it, it was moved away from sight by the moderaters. The censureship about the truth seems to be totally out of hand.


If this link gets removed again i post it on MMORPG and any other MMO forums!




ITs about erm, PVP... and erm... they moved it to the PVP forum.



God those nasty moderators!



PS - the word you are looking for is Saturday.

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Hello everyone,


We always appreciate feedback and questions regarding moderation and customer service, it helps us know where we can improve and what we're already doing right. We want the forums to be a constructive and safe place for all of our community to participate in and your feedback is crucial to that.


Please do not re-post threads in multiple forums. We're going to close the thread now, but we highly encourage you to send us an email with your questions, concerns and comments regarding moderation and moderation policy. Our email address is: communitysupport@swtor.com

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