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Jedi Knight/Sith Warrior Focus/Rage issues...


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So we all know by now that the Knight/Warrior classes have issues, but after playing a Knight for a while and trying out some of the other classes, I have a simple observation...


Now, this will sound IFFY so give me a moment... See my thoughts are simply, we must we 'build' Rage/Focus? In my real life experiences I can say that the longer one is in actual combat any aspects of real Focus or Rage are actually diminishing returns. In other words, combat is a chaotic event, and focus and even anger quickly start to turn into battles over your instinct. Anyone who has eveer been in a fire fight will tell you that keeping control of the situation at all is the real challenge.


To this extent, what if... What if Bioware simply changed the mechanic to generate Focus/Rage out of combat at the same rate is now diminishes, and thus you'd start combat capped instead of having to build it. Yes, all the other skills would remain the same, and that would work fine because you'd still need to rebuild Rage/Focus to continue your assault.


Would it break the game? No. Hardly. How many times do Jedi Knights/Sith Warrior blow cooldowns to build Rage/Focus right before a fight anyway to front load the resource? Once you can do it, it's pretty much all of the time. So the mechanic is already technically the preferred method for most players anyway.


But, I ask you fellow Knight/Warrior players, how do you think this would affect the class? Would it break it? Do you not think it would take care of 'some' of the problems troubling the classes as they are? Am I crazy? (Possibly, but that's hardly relevant...) What problems would remain at the forefront?


Thanks for reading this much, I'm just curious what others might think if they changed the mechanic like this, so please don't just come in here to hate.

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