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Trooper/BH Shared Tree


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In another thread on the trooper sub forums we discussed ways in which rifles could be implemented for commandos so that we can do ranged dps using a rifle from range instead of the close range the vanguard currently supports, one way that came up was to make the assault specialist tree buff rifles in some shape or form so that both commando and vanguard can benefit from using a rifle, not just vanguard.


I know it's not clear as I have problems explaining things but I think a trooper should be able to dps from range with a rifle, just like in the movies.


This is the post that prompted me to post this suggestion.



Right now? It doesn't.


The potential for a "mobile" Commando is there, however, in the form of the "Assault Specialist" tree. That tree specializes in the Plasma Cell, meaning they'll usually be getting their High Impact Bolts via setting folks on fire.


If it were me? I'd set it up so that the Assault Specialist tree have a talent which can work for either Assault Cannons or Blaster Rifles, and scales accordingly.

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