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Best tanking crew skills?


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Right now, there is literally only one crew skill that is useful at level 50 for endgame content, and that's Biochem. The other crew skills provide nothing that you cant get through daily missions, flashpoints, or raids - but biochem gives you access to stims and medpacs better than anything else you can find, and they're reusable at that.


I levelled up armormech/scavenging/underworld trading on my way to 50, got all three of them to 400, and then ended up dropping them for biochem/bioanalysis/slicing (diplomacy isnt needed for the rakata biochem items) just because armormech ended up being absolutely worthless at 50. The rakata fortitude stims I use now give me 1400 extra health and around 60~ extra defense rating for 2 hours, last through death, and are reusable. The rakata medkit heals me and my companion for 3500~ health and increases my max health by 15% for 15 seconds.


Until bioware pulls it's head out of it's nether regions and does something to improve the other crafting skills, there's no point using them.

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