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Misdirect Abilities


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As the title says. I suggest adding Misdirect abilities to certain classes, IE snipers, mercs, possibly Marauders as a way to help tanks out in the threat department. Right now as Jugg tank, you can for the most part do your job as far as getting threat goes, but its easy to see that DPS threat is scaling faster than Tank threat. Once better gear starts coming out it's going to be an issue and we'll be back to the whole wait so many seconds before doing damage for some classes.


While dps should be managing their aggro and so should tanks, you also have a lot of enrages on a lot of fight, very tight enrages, where DPS almost can't afford to not start immediately. So I propose adding an ability to those certain classes where the initial hit sends threat to the tank as well as the next 10 secs any skills that class does sends threat to the tank.


I'd rather suggest this than overall threat buff's to certain abilities, as that might be overkill and I would rather not threat be just completely meaningless.

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