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Faction PvP


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Im lvl 50 since yyesterday and im PvP.


When im leveling i did PvP and sometimes i win sometimes they win...


I reach lvl 50 and stay all the day playing PvP.


Im imperial assassin, i play more than 20 warzones and only 3 won.


I couldnt belive it... i stayed to 4 am for win the daily win 3 warzones...


Are the imprials that bad on PvP? or i have bad luck? O.o


And really... tank isnt focus... yeah i know they come in 1st line but HE isnt the focus...



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Rerole on my serer, i'm republic and we have an average of 15 people Pvping constantly... Imperial have like... A Bazillion and some...


Imperial stomps us, and want to know a funny thing? Our server is usually heavy load... i'm guessing it's just the imperials flooding in and out!


So yeah, you must be on a very rare server where imperials "suck".

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