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Problems with Galactic Market


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Since my last post regarding this got moved to the "Suggestion Box" let me make this abundantly clear - this is NOT a "suggestion", this is a COMPLAINT. The issues I am going to be citing are not things that would be "nice" to change at some point in the future. These are things that should, frankly, be regarded as BUGS and need to be fixed ASAP. Why? Because these issues are a serious impediment to development of a healthy MMO economy.


Since this is a complaint that needs serious addressing ASAP I am respectfully requesting that this post not be moved. Thank you.


Now, on to my complaint:


I attempted to post a large number of crafting materials that I no longer need on the Galactic Market. It's been my experience in other games that these items sell best when broken down into small stacks/single items rather than left as one large stack. A lot of times people are looking for just enough of an item to enable them to craft a single or set number of items. I get my crystals and artifacts separated into smaller stacks (which in and of itself is very annoying to do since when you shift-click and drag, it not only gives you the stack splitting window, it opens a chat cursor and links the item - I am suggesting this be changed) and start to post them. With the equippables I had already posted I reached 50 items quickly at which point I received a message stating I can only have 50 items at a time posted.


When you are dealing with crafting supplies, especially when you separate them into smaller stacks (which A LOT of people do) you reach that 50 mark very, VERY quickly. A limit of 50 is so small it's ludicrous. Frankly, there probably shouldn't be any limit at all. As a matter of fact, I can't think of any other MMO that uses an auction system which imposes a limit (if they do then it's set so high you are unlikely to reach it). If you insist on a limit, it needs to be several hundred.


This is far from the only problem with the Galactic Market mechanic. Here is a list of complaints that really need to be fixed immediately. These are items that really never should have made it out of beta and that I regard as being on the same level as a game stopping bug:


  • Only allowed 50 items - needs to be unlimited or with a limit set at several hundred (not just 100-200 either)
  • Inability to search for items by slot - this is one of the dumbest things I have ever seen. I should not have to wade through every single piece of light armor when all I need is a belt
  • Inability to search by class/specialty
  • Inability to search by bonus
  • No separate rarity entry for orange items
  • No category for companion gifts - there needs to be a separate category for companion gifts with subcategories for the type
  • No separate screen for posting items that, when the item is placed in the market window, shows you all other instances of that same item already posted and their prices for comparison - the window for posting item needs to be separate from the window that shows you what you have posted. Right now there is no easy way to compare prices before you decide what to post yours at
  • No way to easily search for more of a specific item - when you have the Galactic Market window open on the search tab you should be able to, for example, shift-click the item and have its name automatically filled into the Name Filter field


I am positive I have forgotten a few, but that's a good start.


Another rather annoying mechanic is the sending of in game mail to let you know you sold an item and will be receiving payment in an hour. Is this really necessary? I think it becomes fairly obvious that I sold an item when I receive the credits. Just for clarity, this particular item is in fact a suggestion


It is feels like the Galactic Market, as well as some other mechanics, was added as an afterthought and merely because it's needed for an MMO. It was not thought out at all. If in fact hours and hours were spent trying to decide what he best way to implement this was, then I suggest (yep another "suggestion" here) you hire someone who has actually played a modern MMO as it is quite clear that the the team who developed the Galactic Market was devoid of anyone with experience.

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Hmm...birds chirping again. I realize there are other posts, but in terms of interface, the trade network (and stupidly long name) is absolutely abysmal. Poor interface design irritates me more than anything, and while this game has really managed blockbuster status for story, these flawed details, which are a fundamental mechanic necessary for the game, are endlessly frustrating to the point where I don't use it at all.
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[*]No way to easily search for more of a specific item - when you have the Galactic Market window open on the search tab you should be able to, for example, shift-click the item and have its name automatically filled into the Name Filter field


This is my biggest and has been my biggest complaint i've had since day 1. Not even the shift+click but just the ability to type in what you want into the search without having to go threw multiple drop down menus. Especially when searching for multiple items.

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Here is something else that needs to be on both the item listing/search window and on the posting tab:



  • A separate column that shows the price per item on stacks of multiple items



Personally I prefer the EQ2 system for buying/selling items. Instead of an auction system it operates more like a store. There are no time limits at all - items stay posted until they are purchased or until the player removes them. There is a limit on the number of items you can post but instead of a hard set number each player is given a number of broker slots into which the player can place containers. The limit is determined by the size of the container, with the largest being an 88 slot box, and the number of broker slots you can put bags into, which is determined by the size/type of player housing the seller owns.


Another nice thing about this system is you don't need to separate items into smaller stacks because the buyer has the option of purchasing a single item, and entire stack, or a custom number. This also means that there isn't as much of a problem with a posting limiting - a full stack is still considered one item for the purposes of posting since it only takes up one slot in a bag.


The search feature was phenomenal too. It allows searching by name, type of item, class, slot, bonus, or any combination thereof (I think there were a couple other options as well, I just can't remember them). In addition it allows you to save your custom search which is really nice for crafters or anyone else that searches for the same thing a lot.


As far as the time limit goes, I just cannot come up with good reason for it to exist. It's frankly kind of annoying having to spend the time reposting items. It's also very frustrating with the current setup since there is no good way to compare prices or rather there is no way to compare prices at all. I would much rather be out doing quests, flashpoints, ops or roleplaying than wasting time trying to figure out a good price for the item I am having to repost due to the time running out. Generally I just use whatever the default suggested price instead of even attempting to compete in the Market.


The money sink still exists as you are charged broker fees when you purchase from a broker (yes, money sinks are absolutely necessary for a healthy in game economy).


Obviously we don't have player housing or bags/containers but I still think a system like this could be worked into the game. The limit could easily be based off the number of cargo bay slots a player has - more tabs, would mean more items that could be posted. If players had the option to choose how many of an item they could purchase instead of only being able to get what exactly is in the stack that was posted, it really does help with the item limit.

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