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So when are you gonna fix...


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You say you listen to the community... well doesnt really feel like you do...


Let me make a little list of the things you should have fixed by now...


1. Spells. My Marauders spells are bugged as @!"#... That counts for most of them. Ravage = Doing the emotion, but no dmg, and stuck, and repeats the emotion if you click the spell again. Same for force choke. Predation, Saber Ward. all those dmg reduction spells bug. sometimes you can spam click them and they wont do anything, but then if you target somebody it suddenly works????


2. Warzone win, but doesnt count for daily? This really irritates the poop out of me. It happens almost all the time in Alderaan and Voidstar, and you have to let the other team score, so you cant win 6-0 otherwise it wont count...


3. Targeting. When your in pvp and have to target nearest enemy, ohh boy do i spam the "TAB" buttom alot. I dont remember it being this anoying in WoW...


4. Ilum. When you kill somebody, its not always that it count for daily, which is understandable in some way. If im right, its that it wont count if you kill somebody uve already killed earlier. But its still pretty anoying, when your in battle with like 30vs30. and when battle is done you only gotten like 5-10kills. And the missles you have to farm, they really need increased spawn time :(


5. When is name change, server transfer, legacy name change, Barber Shop comming?


I just want those things answered, when will you do something about this? :/

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Hello everyone,


We appreciate the time and effort you put into creating this thread and want you to know that we read these types of discussions regularly! We do ask, however, that this type of conversation be kept to one of two threads. Bugs should be discussed in one thread and suggestions in the other where large compilations have already been made and the community is regularly discussing their thoughts on the lists..


We will be closing this thread but encourage you to participate in the others. This allows us to keep the forums tidy and the community compilation discussions together.

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