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Being unable to chose your WZ


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is insulting and nothing less. I can keep an eye closed given it isn't in at launch, but closing the 2 month mark now and you still dare to make it impossible for to chose which bg to spend my time in?


I don't want to play alderaan or voidstar they are boring and not even well balanced. Ontop of it they have sound bugs or FPS issues and don't promote strategic play going further then sidepoint > midpoint or aoe spamming the door where most games will end without a door opening, because you decided to give heavy armor to troopers/bh.


I have an idea for you: Make all the FP entry into a single big portal where it is random which hardmode you end up in and let's start a clock how long it will take before the people start running into your door.


I know I can leave the warzone but every day at around the 13:00 mark (which is the timeframe of daily reset for us) all those pesky rep bg's start to pop. I don't even want to play with those 13 o'clock warriors, because they are crap anyway just giving a damn about those shiny epics.


I want to spam huttball matches, make it happen. If you are concerned about the other bg's not popping at all add in a queue all button which leads to a bonus and off you go.

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