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A ship's droid idea.


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Didn't see this suggestion box before. I posted this in general earlier, will post it here too where it's more likely to be noticed:


I was discussing with a friend about mod ideas for swtor when mod tools get released. We talked about having a custom UI etc.


But one idea we really liked was adding a customisation slot to the ship's droid that let you change it's voice. The ship droid doesn't have that many lines of dialogue so it would be nice to be able to have a selection of voice "software" you could install into it to make the currently unbearable voice a little more tolerable. I know it's a minor aesthetic thing, but after a while of sending him on missions and hearing him every single time I arrive back on my ship I want set fire to that annoying thing.


This is obviously not a high priority thing to fix with such a large game still having it's bugs to deal with after the release.


But it would be nice to see it added to a to-do list.


What do you guys think?


Nice addition or pointless and you don't care?

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Actually... why can't we have customization options for him. Perhaps options that make him an astromech droid that just beeps and we can safely assume he said something funny and went off to mission.


Though frankly, I think visual mods would be good (If they exist, I haven't stumbled over them yet.)


But I'm also serious about the astromech option. Not a T5 clone, but something less.... well since I"m playing a BH, panicked.

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