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Abilities on CD - no longer greyed out


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So, this issue has been around since the patch and I am still not sure. Is this working as intended?


Is this a new "feature" in this game or did something go wrong and this is just a bug?


If so, what's the ETA on a fix? I mean the whole thing worked flawlessly before, is this issue related to the ability delay fixes in the last patch?


It's a big problem for me, along the lines of the missing combat log.

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Dear god, I just found a very unwanted answer appearently, from the last patch notes. No idea how I overlooked it.


"The cooldown indicator on hotbars no longer causes all ability icons to appear grayed out (unusable). Now, when an ability is on cooldown, it will not be grayed out if its activation conditions (like resource costs or range) are met."



So this is indeed a feature. Ridiculous. The way it worked previously is the way it should work, the way it worked in every other comparable game I ever played and the only way it makes sense.


Why would you intentionally make the UI even worse than it is? Some classes are already forced to stare at their action bars frequently, now we can't even trust our eyes? Really? I really don't get it, who is responsible over there for implementing crap like this. I want a name so I can send hatemail. It is aggravating.


fix that ****.

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