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From a Commando/Sorc and a Sentinel: My "educated" opinion


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You actually should always use Cauterize in Combat right before applying a Force Stasis as the burn effect adds damage to the Force Stasis.


If you are trying to maximize damage it is the smartest thing you can do.


I agree and practice the same, though in boss encounters since I don't do much pvp.


I've been struggling with what to do with my last 2 points for my PVE combat spec, and have wondered if the heal on burn crits is worth it with only an unbuffed cauterize. Honestly, my gut says no, but I've eaten some strange things in my time.


The build:


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Alright, so as the title has surmised, I've levelled up both a sorcerer and a commando and my Sentinel is 50.


I enjoy the challenge of playing a Sentinel at times, I have a lot of fun in (balanced) pvp and I think that the skill required to play this underdog class makes it a great challenge at times that once mastered makes us a decent PvP class. I liked the storyline and altogether the Sentinel is my favorite class so far.


That being said, the skill threshold required to play my sentinel is so far HIGHER than my two other classes that it bothers me to no end. I solo'ed every single class quest with both of my other characters with little to no trouble and can top DPS boards (roughly 250-300k on average for me) on both my sorc/commando in WZ's by mashing one or two abilities consistently from range that would take my Sentinel the entire game of mashing twelve or thirteen buttons to get HALF of that damage, maybe a little more. EDIT: I'm a relatively skilled Sentinel and I just dinged 50, I do well in pvp situations (middle of the road), and I feel like my pve dps is decent is not good based on the situation. The elitist idiots who claim to "be super-duper good at the class" and flame people about how they've perhaps soloed the Emperor fight? Are most likely lying so I refuse to credit any of their opinions.


The fact of the matter is, MMOs are about balance. People of course with ePeen about how they think that the Sentinel being an unbalanced class makes it "fun" and "challenging" and that because someone complains about the difficulty ceiling that it not only makes them bad at the game, it makes them a non-heterosexual male (quoted directly from general chat).


I write this hoping the amount of traffic gives Sentinels a buff, because I honestly believe we need it to balance out with other class. Responses?


No offense but ranged in this game are really dumbed down, even compared to WoW ranged. Sentinel/Marauder on the other hand is harder then any WoW class.


Does it take time to master? Yeah. A g500 mouse helps and using mouse scroll up and down for keybindings and shift modifiers on all the buttons etc.


That said. My 50 scoundrel whom I lead dps on (blah blah op blah blah)? He ain't got nothing on my sentinel lol. Keep in mind this is before the class even gets good (level 33).




To be honest? I hope they NEVER make this class easier to play. Why? Cus everyone could roll a scoundrel and kill people in an opener even though the class is garbage outside the opener.


I LIKE that people can't mass reroll this class and do well. Maybe we won't have huge nerf threads everytime we kill a faceroll ranged class. :)


Take the time and master your keybinds. Get a decent mouse (g500 is plenty). Work on shift/control modifiers and keybinds. Get comfortable hitting them all on the move. Practice makes perfect my friend.

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My Sentinel is now level 19. I've been playing one as a DPS alt to my Vanguard tank and here's what I've noticed:


1) Sentinels seem to be far too squishy for the amount of damage they deal, at least in solo play. When 50 hits and its more about grouping, it obviously won't matter as much, but at this level, my Trooper did about the same damage, but had far more survivability. The class has to rely too much on Rebuke and Saber Ward to stay alive.


2) There's a distinct lack of AoE with the Sentinel, which really can hurt the leveling experience and actually got me killed on a quest boss fight (along with the fact that T7 can't seem to last more than 2 seconds in a fight). By level 19 with my Trooper, I had Sticky Grenade, Explosive Shot, Mortar Volley and Pulse cannon, which made taking down weaker mobs a breeze so I could focus on boss mobs. I also had Cryo Grenade which let me stun the boss for a few seconds while I focused on other mobs. My Sentinel at 19 has Force Sweep and that's it. No stun. It makes taking on packs of mobs a pain. I have to target each one individually and kill them, while the whole time, my squishier toon is getting shot/mauled by the other mobs. And it's not like I can kite with this class, as I have to be in melee to do damage.


In the end, give me a single elite mob and a good companion and my Sentinel seems on par with my Trooper-- dealing more damage, but being much squishier, especially when Rebuke and Saber Ward are on cooldown. Give me a pack of mobs, which seems to be most fights in the game, and my Trooper is far and away a better choice. It makes solo leveling with the Sentinel a nightmare.

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I suggest you use Focus to level, I found it easier at killing group mobs but it does lack in sustain (compared to watchmen) if you are facing bosses. I suggest you PvP a lot so that when you hit 40 you can get some PvP gear, which makes the last 10 levels a piece of cake.
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