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Space Combat and Starfox64


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Space combat is fun but for a on rails shooter it really should measure up to Starfox 64.

In Starfox 64 you had the story rolling out for you and your fellow pilots would be talking as the mission moved forward. Another thing that made SF64 better was that when you met certain conditions you could possibly finish the level differently one example would be that on the first level if you shot down and did enough damage to this flying battle ship your companion Falco would tell you he traced a signal ( or something to that effect) and you would face a boss and finish the level completely differently. It is the same thing with the second level being that if you had flew though specific points you would find a early lightspeed jump point and head to a completely different level than before.


Well this is how I think the current space combat should be upgraded if its gonna be on rails

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