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Galactic Market Inadequecies


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I attempted to post a large number of crafting materials that I no longer need for sale on the Galactic Market. It has been my experience in other games that crafting materials sell best when broken down into small stacks (usually 5-10 items) and single items rather than left as one large stack - a lot of times people are looking for a specific number of items to supplement their own supply and allow them to craft a single or set number of items. I get my crystals and artifacts separated into smaller stacks (which in and of itself is very annoying to do since when you shift-click and drag, it not only gives you the stack splitting window, it opens a chat cursor and links the item) and start to post them. With the armor and other loot I had already posted I reached 50 items quickly at which point I received a message stating I can only have 50 items at a time posted.


You have got to be kidding me. When you are dealing with crafting supplies, especially when you separate them into smaller stacks (which A LOT of people do) you reach that 50 mark very, VERY quickly. A limit of 50 is so small it's ludicrous. Frankly, there probably shouldn't be any limit at all. As a matter of fact, I can't think of any other MMO that has a limit (if they do then it's set so high you are unlikely to reach it) If you insist on a limit, it needs to be several hundred.


This is far from the only thing lacking with the Galactic Market mechanic. Here are some others:


  • Only allowed 50 items - needs to be unlimited or with a limit set at several hundred (not just 100-200 either)
  • Inability to search for items by slot - this is one of the dumbest things I have ever seen. I should not have to wade through every single piece of light armor when all I need is a belt
  • Inability to search by class/specialty
  • Inability to search by bonus
  • No separate rarity entry for orange items
  • No category for companion gifts - there needs to be a separate category for companion gifts with subcategories for the type
  • No separate screen for posting items that, when the item is placed in the market window, shows you all other instances of that same item already posted and their prices for comparison - the window for posting item needs to be separate from the window that shows you what you have posted. Right now there is no easy way to compare prices before you decide with to post yours as
  • No way to easily search for more of a specific item - when you have the Galactic Market window open on the search tab you should be able to, for example, shift-click the item and have its name automatically filled into the Name Filter field (perhaps instead of it linking the item in chat)


I am positive I have forgotten a few, but that's a good start.


Another rather annoying mechanic is the sending of in game mail to let you know you sold an item and will be receiving payment in an hour. Is this really necessary? I think it becomes fairly obvious that I sold an item when I receive the credits.


It is feels like certain game elements (Galactic Market, Guild mechanics, etc) were added as an afterthought and merely because they are needed for an MMO. It's like they took a consol or single/limited player game UI (such as Knights of the Old Republic) and used it as a template for this game without realizing how horribly inappropriate it is. I am really starting to wonder if anyone on the development team has ever played a modern MMO :(

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Honestly, I think the entire GTN needs to be reworked from the ground up.


Its current system is horrible and limited. And players hate being limited.


Currently, EverQuest has a far better AH system then TOR does and its going on nearly 13 years or more. At least in EQ if I am looking for an upgrade for me, I can select the Armor Type, Slot, even narrow it down to class specific.


These options are not avaialble. Selecting the "Me" hasn't yeilded anything for me. The page always comes up blank. Most times for my Juggernaut I have to browse through pages of Bounty Hunter gear before I get to anything for a Juggernaut.

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I see someone moved this post from the Customer Service forum to the Suggestion Box forum. Now I am angry.


This post was NOT a suggestion. This post was a COMPLAINT.

If I had wanted to make a "suggestion" I would have posted it in this forum to begin with. I did not. This is not an issue that can be looked as a nice addition later. It is not fluff. It is an absolute necessity for healthy market in an MMO.


I do not appreciate my complaint being moved to a forum that might get read and acted upon eventually. As such, and since it's unlikely it will be replaced in Customer Service at my request, I will be making another complaint post in the appropriate forum for complaints.

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So you don't want your post to go where it will actually get seen and acted on by developers faster? I don't know if you've noticed how incredibly immense the game is, but not everything is going to be perfect launch day. I'd bet you $100 the auction house will be more functional by next year. The things that obviously have problems will get fixed. They obviously didn't have time for every little thing at launch (like the legacy system or the guild system for example) but it's also obvious that they're working on these things. Chillax.
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