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Republic decisions vs. Imperial decisions


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I played a Guardian and I enjoyed the story to an extent, however I felt like I was making some pointless and unweighted decisions. I decided to try Imperial and made a Juggernaut and I found the decisions that would weigh my character in a certain alignment in the force were much deeper.


Although this is a clear hyperbole, I found that nearly all of the republic's moral conflicts that tipped my character's alignment with the force seemed quite petty and hardly personal, incredibly important, or truly weighed into the heroic efforts of the republic at all. I now have my juggernaut going on a dark alignment and its fantastic. Every decision I make I feel like really fits my character and totally exhibits some kind of reaction. This could just be maybe an early impression because I'm only at Act1 on my Juggernaut thusfar. There isn't an incredible realization or point to this topic, just kinda me wanting to state that I feel there is a legit difference in the side you play and I can understand why there might be a faction imbalance. For now I plan on continuing on my Juggernaut, I've found it a bit more engaging and I'm enjoying the ease of a pleasantly populated server.

What are your guys thoughts, obviously directed to the people who have experienced a mirror on each side?

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