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Tanks: How many commendations can you earn?


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Is it possible to break 8? I can't seem to do it. In one good game I can get commendations for the following on my shield tech.


1. Preventing 2k damage.


2. Preventing 5k damage.


3. Preventing 10k damage.


4. Getting a killing blow


5. Killing 10 enemies.


6. Killing 25 enemies.


7. Dealing 75K Damage.


8 . Defending a node.


I've never been able to get more than 8 though. Is it possible, or is that just as far as a tank can go in PVP?

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I've gotten 11 a few times. There's the one on one medal, I've gotten 150k damage before, and maybe a healing one from death field. Assassin tank. I've noticed the game has to be fairly balanced the entire time though, games where my team is owning I only seem to get 4 or 5
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