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levelling help


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After hitting 41 having fun with my OP i go to belsavis and i find the difficulty step up abit so i thought i could come to the faithful imperial agent community for help,


can anyone go through their concealment rotation, what companions they use etc.

what stats are good apart from endurance and cunning,


i currently use vector, kaliyo and doctor lokin die get ripped apart like soft bread. ensign temple makes me get ripped apart like warm nutella, so any tips on how to use my companions effectivly would be great,

thx love you all, cipher out.

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at that point i used kaliyo as tank(although she did get pretty squishy) i tended to use my stuns alot (deliberate, flash bang to cancel a action) would end up stealing aggro from kaliyo use my evasion/shield probe.


Rotation was something like stealth Acid blade,hidden strike,eviscerate,shiv,acid blade,backstab, laceration, if against a strong/elite target add in corrosive dart after the eviscerate.



Stats are crit/surge/power although i did go the accuracy/crit route.

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