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Update me please.....


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Hello, zolltann!


In the past few weeks there have been several updates to Star Wars™: The Old Republic™ which you may find interesting. Always be sure to check the Dev Tracker for game and developer updates!


Most recently:

As you guys have noticed (and probably read in the patch notes), one major part of our series of ability delay improvements was patched onto the live servers with the maintenance last night (patch 1.1.0b). We decided that the improvements seen with this fix were significant enough for us to roll this patch out as quickly as possible instead of waiting for the next scheduled patch.


Your feedback from the servers so far indicates that this change has had dramatic, positive impact on combat gameplay.


That said, we're not done improving combat responsiveness!


  • As mentioned in my blog a few days ago, there are some additional fixes currently on our public test server as part of patch 1.1.1, which will roll out as soon as we're satisfied with that patch.
  • We've heard your mixed feedback regarding the new cooldown animation that was part of patch 1.1, and we have improvements to the readability of that UI coming down the pipe.
  • We're looking into improving the accuracy of cast bars. Their behavior should already be significantly improved with today's patch, but we believe there is still room to improve.
  • We're also working on improvements to the responsiveness of individual ability animations, including faction specific timing differences and issues where shortening an ability activation time does not properly shorten it's animation.

Again, thank you for your constructive feedback on this issue, it has been vital to us in identifying and resolving this situation.






We are going to close this thread now, but encourage you to join the discussions about the new updates already going on! Thank you!

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