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Voidstar bug causing multiple client crashes


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In the Warzone Voidstar, there is apparently a bug that when crossing the left bridge in the middle room as republic (haven't seen this happen with Imperials yet), your client will crash and close to desktop. It is also not limited to just myself, but multiple people at the exact same time. Myself and 4 others have experienced this multiple times now and everytime all of our clients crash at the exact same time in the exact same spot. By all appearances, it appears to only happen when attacking as Republic and an enemy uses an AoE on the bridge. This issue does not happen if you take the right bridge though for some reason, but being limited to only one option for crossing this point seriously causes some disadvantages.

This bug in Voidstar (And several other known bugs in other warzones) is seriously hindering any form of enjoyment from PvP warzones for myself and my friends.


Has anyone else experienced this issue? Imperial side players? If you have experienced it, do you notice any sort of patterns when it occurs?

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I just crashed to desktop in Voidstar after dying. We took out the first door. I left the first spawn, and was heading to the next - I was on a low platform with small ramps on each side - lots of enemies in front of me coming up the other side.

Not sure if this is where you're referring to, or an actual bridge with space underneath. -.-


Here are the last 2 lines from the client log. Sorry if this is the wrong place :3

(\Star Wars-The Old Republic\swtor\retailclient\swtor\logs)


2012-02-04T10:57:22.694200 00502518 DEBUG Area Disconnect, expected: true [Disconnect.firestorm.client.OmegaAreaObject](omegaareaobject.cpp:OmegaAreaObject::AreaDisconnect:242)

2012-02-04T10:57:22.912200 00502518 DEBUG TravelPending: pvp_voidstar : 4611686142577070000 : 4611686142577070000 : 2 : \world\areas\4611686142577070000\area.dat [Firestorm.firestorm.OmegaWorldObject](omegaworldobject.cpp:OmegaWorldObject::TravelPending:262)

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