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Chossi's Marvellous Operative PvP Guide


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I am reposting into the operative subforum as if you get past the fact there is a lot of owning of low level noobs there is a ton of great advice in this video.


Video here:





Chossi's Marvellous Operative PvP Guide


For those of you who are allergic to reading, here is the link:


Chossi's Marvellous Operative PvP Guide


Hello. I play the character Chossi on the PvP server Wound in the Force. Let me state at the beginning, that this guide is for concealment spec. I may do a healing guide in the future, but healing seems fairly simplistic.


During the grind to Valor Rank 60, I became somewhat tired of healing random PUGs in warfronts, and decided to respec to Concleament (Melee DPS) for some fun. And indeed, fun was to be had. In fact, I decided to start recording my adventures so that my friends could see what it was like to play an Operative. I recorded my warfront matches and posted some of them on YouTube in full, unedited form. Silly crit videos get old quite quickly, but without editing people can see both the fun and the frustrating.


So I became interested in other Operative videos, and after searching YouTube I came up with some perfect examples of back peddling baddies neatly editing together strings of crits and destroying people. We all know that Operative burst is stupid. They appear behind you, knock you down, and do 12345 damage before you're allowed to control your character. However, it's still possible to play the class poorly, and these videos that I was finding provided ample evidence of that.


Therefore, I took the situation into my own hands, and decided to take my pure uncut PvP footage and hash together a little guide for fledgling operatives. If you watch the video, you will see that the little guide turned into a long guide, and, well, it is what it is. There were a number of things which I had intended to include but forgot, such as using flash grenade to heal, HS-CS-HS, and using evasion to help with cloaking screen, but alas it's all rendered and uploaded now, and I'm too lazy to go back =)


I'm not a superstar stealth assassin. I'm just a mediocre player with a stupid broken class. But if anyone out there feels like the aren't having the wild success with the Operative that I'm having, maybe this guide can help. It's basically an explanation of my play style, and what I'm thinking about while I'm playing, along with plenty of examples.


Here is the play list for the raw PvP matches from which the footage in the guide was taken:


Full unedited video playlist.




Here is a basic outline of the topics covered in the video:


User Interface

Action bars and key bindings

Name plates

Camera and movement controls

Targeting bindings


Introduction to key abilities

Talent and their values

The Opener

The strength of the opener

Basic execution

Analysis of Acid Blade

Rearranging the opener

Energy regeneration and management

Sleep dart and its use


The importance of positioning

Positioning near ledges

Positioning near ramps

Using nearby objects to avoid knockbacks

Orbital Strike

Ability breakdown


Timing and effective use


Healing others

Interrupts, stuns and DR management

Choosing targets

Having fun and playing with friends



Chossi's Marvellous Operative PvP Guide


Thanks for watching, and I hope you find it helpful. As I said in my video, I think operative is a weaker class. Our main strength is our opener, and so most of my video was dedicated to maximizing the potential of the opener. The footage was recorded before the 50-only bracket, and I have been mostly playing a healing spec since the brackets changed. Mostly what I have noticed is that my damage hasn't gone down, but other players do far more damage, and their HP has gone up substantially. Regardless of the state of the game/class, I think the ideas in this video will apply at any level, in any bracket, and in any gear.

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26 op here. Non fotm roller. Will be watching in full tomorrow. Its an hour and a half long so lots to take in. I'm far from an mmo noob but it never hurts to hear and see things differently. I'm sure ill learn a lot about mid to end game tricks and probably pick up some stuff I hadn't realized along the way. Thanks for your efforts.
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I haven't finished watching all of the video, but as a level 50 scoundrel I love the content that I've seen so far.


The only thing I would recommend as constructive criticism is a little bit better audio quality and a bit more personality/enthusiasm. If the video were a bit more engaging it would probably be the best operative guide out there.


Then again, perhaps I'm just a little bit spoiled after watching lots of videos from professional broadcasters. Regardless, great work. Hope to see more post 1.1.1.

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