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Guildrum's Guide to Factions, Organizations and Associations


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This is a serious Work In Progress. Basically, this is a yet-to-be compilation of different organizations, guilds and other political/social groupings within SWTOR, so if you have any questions about them, ask them here or go to wookiepedia.


The list will be organized like this.


Major Factions


Organizations within Major Factions


Secondary Factions


Lesser Factions


Major Factions will consist of the Playable Factions, and the Jedi and Sith Orders, with basic descriptions and useful information of them.


Then, organizations within Major Factions (Republic Special Forces, SIS, Imperial Intelligence)


And after that, Secondary Factions, like the Hutts and Mandalorians.


Finally, Lesser Factions are factions without very much grasp outside of their respective sectors/planets. (Balmorran Resistance, Mantellian Separatists, Revanites)


This is a major work in progress, and may not be completed any time soon. Any help will be appreciated.

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