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[Video] Soot the Sage - 50 Hybrid DPS (PVP)


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A night's worth of a few warzones...

Using my 7/18/16 spec I have come to enjoy.





:rak_confused:Who am I?


  • Soot Starbeard
  • 50 Sage
  • 53 Valor Rank
  • Hybrid AE Burst Spec
  • Deathwind Corridor Server
  • <Feds> Guild
  • 1450 Willpower
  • 30% Crit
  • 66% Surge
  • 688 Bonus Damage
  • 574 Expertise
  • 1245 Endurance
  • 400 Artifice / 400 Treasure Hunting / 400 Archaelogy
  • Finished Main Story
  • Primarily Champion / Centurion Gear
  • Video Features All Warzones
  • Small Ilum PvP
  • I do not claim to be the best, but there is no video outlining this spec.
  • I love the Sage class, and the Sage community
  • Played MMOs since Everquest 1; world-firsts in a few MMOs (EQ,DAOC,Warhammer)


:rak_wink:Video Comments:

  • Made in 50 Only Warzones, Patch 1.1
  • Made using FRAPS
  • Windows Movie Maker for Live!
  • Various Comments
  • Warzone Recaps (Damage etc.)
  • Music is from SWTOR OST CD and 1 track from Official Star Wars "Yoda" song.
  • Footage from Warzones EST Evening 1/26/12 Deathwind Corridor
  • 24 Minutes 12 Seconds in Length


:rak_evil:Some Highlights Include the Following:

  • Showcase of Sage AE Burst
  • How to escape Assassins
  • How to use Rescue
  • The Power of the Bubble
  • Bridges Are Our Friends
  • Pebbles Kill
  • Positioning
  • Fire is Bad
  • Rockets Hurt
  • and much more...


Disclaimer: I do not claim to be the best Sage ever; I have found there is a lack of AE Burst hybrid DPS spec videos, so I made one, enjoy or don't! The intention of this video is to educate people of Sage PVP warzone gameplay at level 50 as well as to showcase some particular strategies or tactics I've come to use.

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Why telekinetic effusion instead of containment?


Edit: Watched about half the video. Not too bad, but I echo the "lot to learn" comment. You could have kited and killed that assassin in your early Voidstar clip if you had purged his snare, but you don't even have purge on your toolbar. :/

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You've got two points in pending resolve but rarely use force lift. Are you doing that just for the stun CD reduction?


The bonus to Force Lift doesn't apply in PvP. It only affects "standard and weak" enemies. Players are considered "Champion" targets.

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