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A Moment of Positivity!


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I've never really been a huge forums person, but lately I have been reading the SWTOR forums while on breaks at work. I must say that I'm bothered by all of the horrible feedback / QQing / general whining that I've seen here. I guess I just dont get it.


I've played since beta and I have really enjoyed every minute of it, so I figured it would be nice for a change to have something positive posted on the forums. With that being said, feel free to post a non-troll response about something you are actually enjoying about the game.


For me, a couple things stand out:


1. I love the story line and how from level 1 and on, I feel like a meaningful part of the story and a BAMF in combat.


2. I, unlike many others it seems, LOVE the PvP. especially the warzones. My main is a Jedi Sage heal-spec and I love the feeling I get when I heal my team to victory. I haven't experienced a huge sense of being "outnumbered" or "out-powered" by the empire yet.


tl;dr - Post something you like about the game and/or something you've enjoyed thus far.

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I do point out the flaws in this game a lot so I suppose it is only fair to share what I like.


I really like the concept behind the legacy system especially being an alt addict.


I also love the companion system however I think it would have been better for the companions to scale from your own gear instead of having to gear them all.


I enjoy the pvp as well in fact much more than I have in other games. This is actually the first game I have ever rolled a character on a pvp server. The developers are welcome to delete hutt ball though.

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