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3 UI Issues


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1. I use keybinds on the keyboard for everything except forward, turn, and throw huttball (those three are mouse buttons). One major issue with moving forward with the mouse however is that the cursor disappears when you move forward. So when you stop you have to wait for the cursor to reappear, find it, and then manage to click on the person you want to the throw the huttball to (the only time I have to click on something during PVP). It does not disappear when you move with the arrow keys or other keyboard keybinds for movement. I can't think of any good reason for the cursor to disappear when using the mouse. Please make it so the cursor does not disappear.


2. It really blows to have the cursor in chat and suddenly start fighting. Chat should lose focus anytime you move forward using both the main mouse buttons simultaneously.


3. Multiple times a day I have to use ctrl-u twice because everything on the screen becomes unclickable. I would like to see this issue resolved. It's particularly troublesome while in PVP.

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