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A list of suggestions


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Suggestion #1: make the suggestion box a little easier to find -_-

2) Allow 1 or both of

2a) shift + left click on a stack brings up a menu which allows you to break up a stack into X stacks of Y (e.g. 4 stacks of 10)

2b) the auction house interface to have this built in

3) Allow the ability to view more "map" (i.e. being able to view the republic fleet map when not at the republic feet)

3a) extension of this... be able to view all the filters on the main map (i.e. cargo hold, galactic market, trainers, ext)



Class specific:

Jedi Consular Shadow

1) Saber strike when used in succession is awesome because of the light saber noise and the sheer fact you're hitting them 3 times, but the animation seems rather anti-climatic. Perhaps have 6-10 possible ways the shadow would swing, and each time the ability is used.. it picks 3 at random (but never the same animation twice in a row)

1a) Same goes for double-strike, very blah animation.

1b) Oh and shadow-strike.

1c) I think we see where I'm going with this :p


2) Project, can we make the "debris" be a little bit larger? So we can feel really bad *** when hurling stuff at people.

2a) Telekinetic throw, showering people with pebbles doesn't seem super exciting, what if they were molten debris with the animation making it look like it's being passed through your light saber?


Any opinions on any of my suggestions are extremely welcome, I'm loving this game (when I'm not crashing) and am super excited to see what comes in the future.

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