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Lag, the On-going Issue.


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Hey so I'm just wondering if anyone else has a good pc, and a great ( or good) graphics card and are STILL having a hard time playing this game?

It takes forever to load, and despite my system and its graphics card and all the various things I've done to optimize performance, the game is still super slow.

Is anything being done to address this issue?, because I am not enjoying this game because of how slow it runs and it surely not my system.


So far it looks to be a good game, but if you want more subs ( in my opinion ) you need to optimize performance so that EVERYONE, and even the people with bad computers, can enjoy this game without such huge delay and lag.


This game is probably going to be -or is already- one of the top competitors of World of Warcraft, which allows all its players to play 99% lag free even on the worst computers. Until this issue is fixed, WoW still has my vote.


Sorry if this offends anyone, as was not the purpose of this article. If anyone has agrees, or disagrees, please post, I want to hear how everyone else is doing and if there is any suggestions, ideas, opinions, etc.

Thanks a lot for reading my essay :)


**Sorry if in wrong thread.

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I don't understand - it seems lots of people are saying "Yes, huge lag problem the game is really slow" and others are saying "No, there isn't any lag and the game runs smooth as a babies bottom" ( I hope they aren't actually saying that ) but... yeah.

I've got a great computer and especially great graphics card... yet my game is - not so much laggy' but it is slow. It loads slow, the framerate is slow, it takes a long time to load different screens, etc.

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