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Ship/Space wishlist


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Just some things I think would be nice to toss out there, probably have all been said before.


The ability to name your ship. This is probably the simplest stage of customization. After all, the Millennium Falcon wasn't called "Han's Ship" as it would be under the current system.


A hull customization slot, like the companion customizations. Effectively a way to slot a new paintjob on your ship or do things like customize the engine glow, or blaster color.


Set Bonuses for matching grade equipment. Currently Grades 2, 4, and Artifact have something like this where each upgrade has a secondary effect. I'm thinking less a stat-based bonus for matching equipment, maybe a reduction in the cooldown of the EMP or Jamming device, or the ability for shields to regenerate slightly while still firing when you divert power to shields.


One legacy-oriented feature would be the ability to actually swap ships. Allow players to choose from any ship in their legacy, such as a Jedi flying a Fury if they have a sith that has unlocked their ship. This would be pretty cool, especially if you could maintain the name and visual customization, having one character "inherit" a spaceship from another.


Stronger audio cues for turbolaser/capital ship fire. Its not a huge deal but would be an easy fix, since capital ships do much more damage than fighters, and dodging their fire is important at higher levels, it would be nice to hear the "pew" of their shots more clearly. If I could hear the "pew" better, I would dodge a lot more capital ship fire.


Separate keybinds for space controls, I don't keyboard turn so I can't use WASD to control my ship, I would like to, but I wouldn't like to have to change the keybindings for character movement every time I go to a space mission. Also, a separate keybind for Proton Torpedoes should be at least an option if not the default.


Alternate upgrades. Take the Electronic Warfare Suite, incredibly useful, some missions are nigh impossible without it. What if there were an alternate choice, though, for that level's token upgrade? Ion Cannons would be the coolest and the most game-changing. Instead of jamming, have an Ion Cannon mounted that could disable individual capital ships from firing for a few seconds. The cooldown would be enough so that it could be used multiple times per mission but not spammed, unlike the "one and done" cooldown on Jam. Other upgrades that could find a place in the space game would be some type of AoE bomb that is targeted, mines for taking out tailing ships, maybe even something like a targeting beacon that would let you direct fire from friendly capital ships against a specific target.


Overall I really like the space game, rail shooter though it is. There's a lot of potential for RPG-ing it up more, though, which I'd love.

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