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Cybercrafting: Possible to RE Immortality Relay from blue to purple?


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I know re'ing can be a futile search amongst dozens of failed re's, so I'm not complaining or anything. I'm just making sure that I'm not wasting hundreds of thousands of credits worth of mats trying to re to something that doesn't exist.


The GTN didn't have any purple immortality relays for me to confirm with and I'm up to RE number 35 (will be 40 once I re the current batch cooking). I'm using a blue critical Immortality Relay schematic I learned from re'ing the green version.



On a lighter note out of aaaaal these crafts, only one has been an augment version heh. At first I didn't think it was possible to crit earpieces but during batch 7 one popped up.




Thanks for any info anyone can shed on this particular craftable.

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