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Best Leveling Spec?


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Played a Sage to 50, played a few other classes in a couple betas...

What is the best spec for leveling to 50 for Operative?





  • Is it Concealment stab stab stab?
  • Is it Lethal Grenade spam?
  • Is it Healspec never-die?

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I'd say Concealment can cut it for a while, but eventually Kaliyo really stops scaling up in survivability/aggro no matter how much gear you feed her. After that point, you should probably switch to Medic with a DPS companion unless you like having to rest after every fight and not being able to backstab ever.


I did concealment until around the end of Hoth, then switched to medic for the rest of it. It's slower for single pulls, but you can pull 2-3 groups at once and kill them with AoE so long as you balance your energy between DPS and healing. I used Temple because she's ranged and thus needs to be micromanaged less.


Not saying it's the best, but I've never had trouble with it.


I should clarify: when I say I leveled the last bit as heals, I didn't mean I just sat there and healed my DPS companion. I did almost my exact same rotation as DPS except with Lacerate replaced with Overload Shot and used the TAs from my Shiv and KP procs to keep myself and my companion alive with Surgical Probes. You put out a little less damage overall (a lot less than you could with acid blade backstabs, but I already pointed out that's hard to do even when specced concealment) and have infinitely more sustain.

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I went considerably faster using heal spec + DPS companion than concealment or lethality.


lethality was downright awful as it required so much ramp up time to get decent culls. Concealment really sucked as the DPS was great out of stealth but dropped off big time and had no advantage in AOE. Add that in with a lot of downtime to heal and it was quite frustrating.


Heal spec basically never had any downtime, kills quite quickly, thanks to DPS companion(MUST KEEP COMPANION GEARED UP!) and can pull pulls that neither of the other 2 specs has a hope of ever doing.

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Can someone please post a concealment spec? I cant seem to find one online, just a lot of threads of about talking about it ha


Here's one I literally just made for post-JS nerf (PvP mostly);



I would do this for PvE leveling Concealment though;



I reccomend the second build to be honest. In PvP you'll want Pin Down, but I think you could manage without it while leveling, and Culling is just bad so don't bother getting that no matter what.

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I'm 49 now.. All the way with Concealment.


Vector + Me = Just kicking the **** out everything as fast as possible :).

The only "noteable" enemies are (strong) Melee-Elites which I sometimes have to kite (since "later" Voss).. But they are not dangerous, I just can't go all "Juggernaut" on them :).


I never used Dr. Lokin and never used Kalyo since I got Vector. Temple would probably also work but cunning gear is mine! :p.

It's normally not a problem to have Backstab on cooldown against most enemies... Just use your Stuns/Knockdowns.

You have to be pretty "awake/active" while playing or you will die/lose way more HP than you should even on normal pulls.


The most important thing is to keep Vector (and yourself) up to date. I can't stress enough how important Vectors gear is... Mine can/could sometimes finish "strongs" or entire groups of "weak/normals" (nearly) alone.

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I thought leveling as medic was pretty fast. Didn't have to pay attention to much of anything and trash/strong/elite were all easily killable by starting combat with a grenade or something and just turtling/healing/afking, was never any planning needed unless it was a heroic mission or a champion. Stuff just got ran over and then on to the next pull as the first were being cleaned up by companion. It was fun being unkillable. And being able to solo heroics/random champ mobs helped overcome the 'grind' feeling. Edited by Selais
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