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Ideas for Illum


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-Transform Illum into a daily quest hub with a PVP twist.

-Provide stacking ENDURANCE buff and full resolve bar to faction with lower pop.


Example of Daily Quest:


Imperial Quest:

Destroy the communications jamming tower from waves of Republic forces (NPC's). We need that tower to stop jamming our communications!


Republic Quest:

Secure and defend the communications tower from waves of Imperial forces (NPC's). We need to keep jamming the imperial's communication links if we're going to win this war!


The Imperials and Republics share the same quest. Both factions cannot complete the quest at the same time because they both share the same space and objective. Even if both factions don't engage in actual PVP combat, there are still "challenging NPC's" that will try to prevent you from completing the objective. You can force grouping by making the NPC's elite.


This is just 1 example of a quest. I'm sure you can come up with more.

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