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Jedi Guardian DPS ?


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Many thanks it was great of you , you bother and reply;) once you have found the small mistakes you vision to be corrected so 't send the new link in here?


So basicaly you want him to think for you and give you a "perfect" skilltree?

Have you ever wondered if maybe the thought you put into creating such a tree will give you a huge advantage when using it?


I'm not saying this skilltree is wrong, good or anything, but you should put your OWN thoughts into creating one instead of asking for the one and only "OLOLOLOL!111" DPS tree for a guardian. You'll be astonished on what you can achieve on your own.


What I mean is: If I would show you something like this:



(which is a fake skilltree I just spam-clicked to build)

And tell you that it's perfect for DPS, would you use it without thinking?

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