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We need: More operative nerfs, Arenas, Dungeon Finder, Cross Servers, free PvP gear


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Actually I just want to make some suggestions for faction balance and Illum --


In regards to faction balance:

1) For the immediate future, make all WZ teams cross-faction. I.E. both warzone teams could have a mix of Republic/Imperial in them. For Warzones, this will make faction imbalance a non-issue

2) For the long term future, create faction switching and only allow Imperial to Republic to start with.


In regards to Illum:

This is the current state of Illum -

How to fix this -

1) Spread out weapon crates across the entire zone. Also consider adding security chests and resource nodes so people have a reason to be there beyond completing a quest.

2) Institute a minor valor penalty for dying while in the Illum PvP zone. This will discourage people from kill trading for valor.


By doing this, you will have created a true world PvP area that will constantly be active. The best part is that a group of people could certainly dominate, but there is plenty of opportunities for a person playing solo to succeed as well.

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