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Sage world PvP


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So I just reached lvl 42. Back in alderran when i was in my 30-35 stage I felt really op I could dominate 1v1 as long as I wasnt on a mob or was able to withstand the first onslaught of damage from the sith. I am full heal spec but I have been able to dps sith down quickly with my combo. Stun - mind crush - weaken mind - tele throw - project - . When i duel my friends I can just keep the two dots up and outlive any damage 1v1. Lately in hoth I have been getting slapped around. Ive won a few fights outright but for the most part I cant survive the dps imps like Maurders. They get in my face and i feel like im stunned the whole fight. I cant get away and im automatically put into defensive mode and I cant catch up with heals. Any suggestiions?
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