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UI - Allow 3rd row & more on center bottom


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Basically allow us to have more than 2 rows on the center bottom of the screen


I play a healer, and I do not have enough button slots on the 2 bottom rows of the screen for all my talents, skills, and other items (think huttball icon). I realize i can use the sides, but the left side is for my companion stuff, and the right can be covered up by the quest log. Additionally the bottom row is best suited for casting a spell and then selecting a target in the raid frames, or moving and selecting an area on the center of the screen. The bottom center is simply better positioned for a quicker reaction to things that are happening in front of you. Also its a less pointer travel distance and you can keep the mouse around your abilities you want to use, rather than having to scroll to the left & right side of thee screen.


In order to get by I've created a a "dps" row (for soloing- say row 1) and a healing row (say row 2) for grouping & warzones. And I have to switch between the two. So my top row is the row I switch, while the bottom row (say row 3), is skills/talents that I use between the two modes I am in. So i fully use the bottom row along w/ 2 rows on top that i switch between.


Unfortunately this is not even enough and on occasion I have move certain skills (the one I move off and on is the huttball icon) around. Also I have to move things around if I have to use a quest item, i have to remove an icon from that bar and into a "holding bar" that I've set up until I've finished that quest.


Also due to this switching, sometimes I forget to add an ability to my "current bar" that i have to switch on and replace w/ something that is there.


It would really, really make my life easier, if we had more than 2 rows on the bottom. I could centralize my spells, and easily remember where my "dps" buttons are and easily access my heal spells.


Thanks for listening.

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