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Balance issues in this game


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So before I start I do not advocate NERFS this early in the release of a game.


The primary balance issues in this game come from what is and isn't stopped by armor and shields for force users and "tech" users. Primary example Sage/Sorcerer static barrier stops ALL forms of attack yet the powertech/vanguard shield does NOT. Armor reduces damage from melee/ranged attacks but is ignored by force/tech attacks. Put simply sages/sorcerers can "Bubble up" someone (including themselves) and make them immune to damage for a short period of time. But a Powertech/vanguard cannot use their shield to resist a sorc/sages force based ranged attacks.


This is at the heart of the problem with the operative/scoundrel also, their big backstab/scattergun attacks are TECH based attacks which IGNORE armor.


I propose this to Bioware Don't go through with your proposed nerf of the scoundrel/operative and the sure to be coming sorcerer/sage. Instead allow armor and shields to resist ALL forms of attack but internal. It's a simple change and will make tanks into tanks sorcerer/sages into glass cannons and DPS types into their perspective roles.


Making something complicated is not always a good thing. At current I can understand why you don't have a combat log in game all the different calculations needed to figure out if x attack is resisted by y defense would make them a nightmare.


Something a very wise man once said K.I.S.S. Keep It Simple STUPID!!!!!

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