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French lady lost on SWTOR


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Hi all,


I thought I will introduce myself.

I'm Marie-Carmen, French lady living in Netherlands until next month.

We just started SWTOR with my partner a week ago, so I have to go for the game in English to be able to play with my English guy.


For now we're "lost" on Shaltyn Tunnels, and I really enjoy that game.

Betwee my smuggler lvl 21 and my jedi lvl 11, I do enjoy most of the aspects of the game.

I'm still looking forward to be able to play with more people, discover more about the game.


Anyway Bonjour a tous!

Hope I will be able to meet some of you in game!

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Hello Marie-Carmen, welcome to the community!


Should you have any questions, please ask! We have a very helpful community in New Player Help. Be sure to check out the stickies in New Player Help, as well as other forums, as these are filled with great information. We have such a great number of guides that we've began New Players Fleet Pass: A Directory of Resources to showcase all of our threads that are not stickied :)

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