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[Server Imbalance] Imp >>> Rep


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I play Rep on Port Nowhere and it's ridiculous the number of Imperials there. Open PvP on Ilum become nothing but a fustrating experience. The answer to that would be easy, "just reroll a imp then", but I like my Guardian, and I wish I could keep doing pvp with him, nevertheless it turns out that I cant even get the armaments for the daily, w/o getting rapped by an ops of imps, being very opitimist, not to mention that it happens out of the "prime time", so it brings me to the only option I have: join an ops, thus we still get outnumbered by 3x1, not to mention I'm not the AoE guy for this "5fps mass world pvp", so yes, it's not enjoyable.


Maybe this post will be ignored or I will be flamed by few imps or trollers, but I just want to point out my opinion and fustration on this matter. If anyone can suggest me a sever where theres a little more balance between factions, I'd be pleased to know and start a toon there ASAP. Otherwise, I'll be pveing 'til GW2 comes out.


Thank you in advance for your time on reading this, I had to relief somehow.

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