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leaving warzones


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i just thaught of soemthing and i think this is how the devs wanted it to be,




normaly in mmo's you get bonus exp/points and what not for killing players and getting objectives while in warzones and at the end of the game, usualy in these types you get a debuff for leaving early or if you disconnect due to your internet dropping etc.



but in swtor warzones you dont get bonus exp and such for killing players, instead you get medals which adds up to your end game bonus for finishing the game.

so if you decide to leave you wont get anyhting at all. and the medals you aquire during the game if you do stay in will be credited to you at the end of the match.



so there we have it, no deserter debuff is needed for warzones on swtor, if you choose to leave the warzone you will get nothing, if you choose to stay you will only then get your bonus for finishing the match.



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We really need a deserter debuff. There is too many ppl leaving the warzones...:mad:


1. Fix the game

2. Add deserter debuff


Example: day before yesterday I get a pop (not insta) and enter a losing game (late in the game). I ran to the force field...it comes up just as I get there.


And I was kicked out of the game because I didn't leave the area fast enough. The force field was still up when I was booted out.


Now, sure, this was probably because the game is a laggy mess, but that's the point: the game is broken right now and adding a deserter buff when the game doesn't work...well, that's not good.

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Except you're leaving your team a man down, severely hurting their chances of winning. Deserter debuff shall remain.


Chances are, the people who leave realize early on that the loss is inevitable. Us staying is not going to have any effect on the teams likeliness to lose or win. If I'm on a well balanced team with people who show they know how to play their class effectively, I'm not going anywhere. If I'm on a team who runs around like chickens with their heads cut off, showing no understanding of PVP, I'm out.


Sorry, but that's just not an efficient use of my time.


It's not about being a sore loser, it's about being a waste of my time. Dailies and weeklies are the only good means for collecting bags. Commendations take too long to save. The time/reward ratio is too skewed for me.


But go ahead and complain. It's about as useful as you are.

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