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Quick question about synthweave


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I have noticed as I started crafting in synth, my first wearable crafting skill, that I can build heavy boots and belt. Now the boots and belt are the "heavy mesh?" type I see that in the recipe vendor that i need more skill to build the rest of the suit so that my toon had all the parts for the heavy mesh. (was planning to be super noob by RE'ing each to Artifact ql and putting them on.


The problem/question I have is that each piece req a much higher level to eq. I think the belt is a lv 10 item, the boots 11, and gloves 12? So the question I have is that if they keep staging up in min level like that by the time that i can put on the full set, will not the start pieces be sorely outdated? Does this improve later? is this works as intended? I was thinking that I could build a whole suit of armor put it on for a few levels 5 or 6 then re-craft again and enjoy a nice look to the armor as they were all intended to work together and have nice bonus to them due to being purple/blue.


As I see it now I will spend time getting the quality I want only to put it on once piece at a time. I am starting to see why everyone wears orange and plugs in mods. I know they are easier to get though commendations. I had a ton of lower lv mats from my artificer/cyber-tech so grinding the purple seemed like an ok idea. Starting to reconsider this idea.,,



Also on a side note if i run the FP how long does that gear last? I was running the first FP on the station after the beginning world (lv 10 content) got 2 drops in a run and was wondering how long they last. lv 15 they fall behind?


Thanks for taking the time to help me in this.

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