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Reverse Engineering is terrible(awesome at first glance)


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You suffer from your own stupidity.

You could have master crafted Fervor or Supremacy version and added surge augment to it instead, in the process sell all the "none" master crafted versions on the market.


As I said, you are suffering from your own stupidity.

You assume I would not aim to get the Endowment one with augment slots. So yeah, I'm the stupid one for trying to get the most out of my profession. Jesus people like you are like cancer in this game :/

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Meh, I got that same epic implant recipe on the first blue I RE'd.

It doesn't seem that hard really, just some clicking and a few credits and you basically get any recipe you want for free.

I can't believe poeple get so mad over pressing a few buttons....

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That would be a lot of things to track, given how many recipes there are.


The simpler way would be that, whenever you RE something, you get a tier and quality appropriate badge. And then there's a vendor that sells the recipes for X badges. RE a green T6 earring, get a green T6 cybertech badge. And for some number, say 100, you can buy a blue cybertech recipe. So, you'll want to RE things to randomly learn recipes. But along the way, you'll earn badges to get what just plain eludes you due to bad luck.


In essence, the same system used in HMs. You could get the loot drop you need from the boss, but if you don't, have bad luck for whatever reason, eventually, you can just buy it with the badges you got.


That's an incredibly straightforward and elegant solution to the issue. I commend your thinking and suggest that you make a post with this idea and see how much support the forum musters for the idea :)

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I wouldn't be shocked to find out this article was rewritten specifically because of SWTOR based on the author's play here, although there is no mention of TOR anywhere. Incredibly insightful and relevant to the frustration many of us are experiencing.


I encourage folks to read this blog post: "An atomic theory of fun game design"


I wish the folks at Bioware would read this guy's blog.

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