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Flashpoint Couriers and Spoilers [Agnet Spoilers]


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Now I don't mean to rant, but I was a little disappointing at the shortsightedness of some of the writing worked into Flashpoint Couriers. I was leveling behind planet recommendations because I like to take my time. I did some PvP here and there, as well as some Space Battles. It often put me at the high end of recommended level caps on planets. Shortly after arriving an Belsavis I went to the fleet where a Flashpoint Courier mentioned that Imperial Intelligence had been disbanded. This was the Directive 7 Courier.


People who have completed the story know that Intelligence is disbanded after Belsavis. This frustrated me more than a little bit as part of the reason I play the game is for the story. I understand that redoing the script for those who could possibly mention that before an agent could reasonably get that far could come with some complications, but I hope that Bioware could consider spoilers in Couriers in the future.

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