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UI: Corners and Edges, Accessibility


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It was several years ago now, but I distinctly remember the lecturer on the Human-Computer Interaction module of my degree course pointing out that the corner and edge pixels are prime real estate for any GUI that involves a mouse, and especially so for those that need to work with users with accessibility issues.


I can't help but notice in the current SWTOR client that these areas are used for almost nothing. Bizarrely, the right action bar is on the edge but the left one has a margin between it and the edge. I have all my reaction and 'panic' abilities on the right bar for this reason.


The corner pixels aren't used for anything at all.


I hope the team working on GUI customization bear this in mind and let us make use of these spaces. I mostly just wanted to post this to ask them for it! There are some players that don't have a choice but to rely exclusively on the mouse or keyboard. It'd make a huge difference for some people.

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