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Champion Bags


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I just got 3 bags in a row with nothing in them. I cant believe this crap. :(


Hehe, you're new to the system?


Trust me, it will most likely get much, much worse. And when you finally see something purple, you know it's gonna be that fifth Implant or Relic.


I'm on a mission to decorate my inventory in a checkboard style, instead of black and white I'll use implants and relics.

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I've been extremely lucky. I think my first 20 bags, I got 8 items, 7 of which were unique. Was almost full purple in the first week. I'm valor rank 56 now though and still missing that damn relic since the patch. Before that, I got 4 relics. I have almost a full tanking set now too, probably close to around 60 bags now.


The only thing that was changed was Battlemaster bags. Instead of an item now, you get commendations, which can be used to purchase the BM items (it doesn't take many commendations unlike centurion/champion gear).

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In well over 60 maybe 70 bags:


5 gloves, 4 bracers, 4 implants, 3 relics, 3 chests 1 boots (after I hit battlemaster I got the boots).


I never got:


Lightsaber, offhand, hat, earpiece, belt.


Now that I've been battlemaster a while... I have all battlemaster except boots and two champ relics which I bought with champ comms (they're not much worse than battlemaster) because my old ones stayed PvE relics.

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