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Is 31 Pyro for Offtanking Viable?


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According to the simulations/spreadsheets posted by MM it looks like we are around the following DPS values:


~800 Tanking Build (Full Shield or Mixed)- Tanking Gear

~1000 Tanking Build (Parakeet) - DPS Gear

~1200 DPS Build (31 Pyro/31 AP) - DPS Gear


Thats a sizable difference. In most of the encounter I have been through, only 1 tank is required for the majority of the fights so my question is, are we better off as a guild if I go into the operation specced 31 Pyro wearing my Eliminator Gear and then swap to Supercommando Gear/Ion Cylinder but keep the DPS spec?


From a threat perspective I dont think this would be a problem at all as using a Shield and Ion Cylinder should give you the threat modifier on a very high DPS number.


From a mitigation perspective, its definately lower losing the following talents:

Rebraced Armor

Shield Vents

Abalative Upgrades

Ion Screen

Empowered Tech


and you also lose Jet Charge.


But it seems like for the majority of the encounters I have experienced (normal and HM) as an offtank this would not be a big deal. Whereas 200-400 dps loss is a huge deal.


Thanks in advance for any help.

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I made a thread earlier. I was full Pyro last night and MT'd HM KP.


Full Columi gear though (i.e stuff you easily get from flashpoints)


There wasn't that much damage difference, i was quite surprised. And if you are used to heat management with Pyro you won't miss the shielding to lose heat talent.


PS: JUst don't be bad like me and forget to equip your shield when changing gear out. Ha...oh man :(


And having a bit of extra DPS is always nice with tight enrage timers.

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Sounds good.

Again, this is a question relating to an OT build only. I dont intend to tank the bosses in Pyro spec, only the select encounters that require 2 tanks, and then, only for a limited time.


So your conclusion is that mitigation is fine, which is not surprising since our mitigation talents from the Shield tech tree arent that spectacular anyways. (I mean your biggest bonus is Ion gas cylinder which doesnt require a single talent)


So for my particular circumstances, wear Eliminator/Pyro spec for 80% of the raid. Do max DPS for a Powertech, then swap to supercommando Ion gas cylinder for the other 20% without respeccing.


200DPS increase imo is not insubstantial at all, especially in an 8man (granted I am kinda pulling that number out of thin air)

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I think if it for little stuff here and there as an OT you would be fine with a mix of DPS Gear. (Or even for the random taunts of G4-B3 in KP while the MT's stack falls off. ).


I think trying to do to much in a full dps build without a lot tank gear wouldn't work out to well.


Just my opinion.

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It is being speculated that tanks are actually not necessary for raiding/flashpoints at all, and instead are most valuable in pvp. Simply swapping out some gear quite possibly will be good enough.


I can usually off tank most adds/mobs with out too much of an issue in full dps spec/gear, and tank the actual bosses for at least a little while too.

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I tank heroic BT all the time as full pyro spec.


It's not so bad actually. I have a very nice full set of tank gear though that I use (Because I was originally gearing to be a tank.. but DPS is in high demand.. and pyrotech dps is insane)



I have noticed, though, that I do take quite a bit more damage. 4% more because of no debuff, another 4% more because of missing talents, 6% absorbation and lots of shield chance.


If you actually look in the tanking tree, there really isn't that many talents that make us more 'tankey'... there's 12% to shield, 6% to absorbtion, 4% damage reduction from debuff, 4% damage reduction from the 4 talent points of 1%, and another ~4% damage reduction from rebraced armor.


That's all there is in the tank tree that makes us more able to take damage. That can more than be made up for with gear.

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Yeah, I'm kinda thinking of going pyro full time since our jugg has gotten pretty good gear with about 23-24% defence (which as a BH I'm never going to get near). He often has stacks falling off on G4-B3 whereas I always get up to 5 stacks pretty fast.


I've got plenty of tank gear so I think I'll be fine OT'ing but better off running dps.

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