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seriously ..how many people wanna moan on here .. "oh im cancelling my sub for (insert inane responce here) ..


if you want to cancel your sub thats fine .. but for the rest of us here who actually enjoy the game go and moan into you wow mugs and go play with your elfs ..


sick and tired of people telling me there cancelling .. shut up and go away ..


( troll responses to follow im sure people will reply to this with really boring replies )

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Hello bladechaser,


As this thread is a commentary on the community and considered community bashing we will be closing this thread. We ask that when creating threads on the forums the focus on certain aspects of the game Star Wars™: The Old Republic™ and its contents.


This will help to build a friendly and constructive community. Feel free to review our Rules of Conduct for guidelines on how to post constructive topics.

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