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LS / DS Vendors


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Unfortunately your pleas, such as mine, have fallen on deaf ears I'm afraid. I've submitted bug reports, tweets and forum threads asking about this very subject since beta. And those jackholes have not said a damn word about it, they haven't even acknowledged it as an issue other than to say they've sent it to the correct department in response to my ingame ticket at launch.


Taken from my ingame ticket regarding the moddable DS/LS boots:


... Here's the breakdown of the eight sets of boots which are listed:


5 pairs of heavy with one of those being restricted to Sith Warriors (Juggernaught)

1 pair of medium boots restricted to IA's

2 pairs of light with one being restricted to SI's


The number of sets available is correct, but here's how they should be broken down:


3 heavy sets > 1 restricted to SW (Jug), 1 restricted to BH's and 1 unrestricted

3 medium sets > 1 restricted to IA's, 1 restricted to SW (Mara), 1 unrestricted

2 light sets > 1 restricted to SI's, 1 unrestricted set (NO CHANGES NEEDED HERE)


Their response was "Your report has been forwarded to the relevant department, who will investigate farther." and the ticket was subsequently closed.


I know they are aware of the issue because they removed all of the Republic class boots which used to be on the vendor.

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