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If you hate level 50 pvp....Here is a solution.


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Re roll.


Thats right, make a new character.


I leved my Operative from 30-36 in pvp now.


Ive also finished off my jugger from 48-50.



I got to 50 on my Jugger, qued for pvp like always and it was omgwtfbbq... 5 of us ran intot 2 sorcs that we could not get past their healing.. Yes we stunned and Interrupted.


I got 6 bags.. earring, relic.. and nothing else.. its kinda like ***.. then of course.. somone i know said hes opening 5 bags.. hes like crap another off hand pistol.. my 5th Helmet..


im like wow... is this really want i have to look froward to if i keep playing my Jugger ?


So the Solution ?


10-49 Que was amazing fun, no exptertise, you could almost kill anyone.


Fast Que's




Im probly going to pick a new class get it to 25-30 and just have fun and pvp rest of the way.

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Yep i'm really looking forward to going through all those boring quests again not to mention lacking it in PvP becuase i'm missing spells due to low(er) level.


It beats getting 4-5 hit killed by 1 button wonders.


A horrible Bag System


And lololol Ilum..


Lets alll go set and center and run around looking for spawns since there are no rebels to kill.

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My issue with this game is it is the only game. I'm not sure how bioware managed to do it but the min I subbed to this one every other game disappeared. I made calls! They are gone! It is almost like living in an alternate reality in which all other games are gone and all the sudden people care what I think about things.


What the **** are we going to do!!??

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To me, leveling another character is kind of tedious, since the only thing that's different from the 1st time is the class quest which is an extremely small amount of the time spent.


Yeah, you can PvP to 50 but personally, I don't enjoy PvP till probably level 30-35, as before that I feel like I am missing too many abilities. I have a level 13 Assault Commando for example, and it's no fun PvPing him without Incendiary Round which I can't get till level 31.


Just my opinion of course.

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Re-roll the other faction. New quests, new story.



I got to ilum last night.


20-30 Empire in the center fighting over the damn things.


2 rebels outside the point ganking empire players.



Empire players didnt care, they had to get their daily pve drops!

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