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A more "fair" random drop chance


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Some people are very lucky and get items from raids/pvp bags frequently. Others, however, don't see anything for a long, long time. It all evens out to some average drop rate specified by the designers, though it is very frustrating for the unlucky folks.


To make things less frustrating, how about implementing a biased drop system? This is modeled after the conversation bias system. Notice how people who haven't won conversation rolls in a while start rolling higher numbers? Apply this to the drop rate.


Specifically, the more pvp bags you've opened without an item token, the higher your chances are to get something the next time you open the bag. Perhaps segregate this into champion and battlemaster categories, so opening a champion bag does not affect your chances with a battlemaster bag.


The same system could be applied to PvE encounters, with categories being tionese, columni, and rakata. So the more bosses you've killed without a drop in these categories, the higher your chances are of getting something next time.

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