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(spoiler) IA tattooine Quest


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Hi there,


this is only a small suggestion however it may help future players


During the 'Whispering Dust' quest, near the end, you meet a false Mia Hawkins whose using a holographic suit to disguise herself as such.


Now i knew straight away that something was wrong but i'm not playing a guns blazing IA, mines more of a talker so i said she couldn't check me for poisoned wounds


during the next dialogue options, there was one for you to let her and another to tell her to shove off (pretty much) but the third option (the middle one) just said 'Sorry' on it and so i went for that one - meaning it to mean 'sorry but you can't check me', not what it actually meant which was 'sorry for not letting you check me. Here you go'


My suggestion then is to make that a little less confusing as others may fall into the same trap. Even just adding 'Sorry. Go ahead.' would be miles better


Thanks in advance



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